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Advantages of Using Windows

Almost everyone who owns a computer is using windows in the current era although Linux Administration system is not totally gotten rid of. If you are looking for an operating system capable of performing System Administration or Web Hosting, you should look no further than windows. The popularity of windows since their invention about thirty five years ago has grown because of all the right reasons and amazing advantages which include performing Web Hosting services. The following are some of the advantages associated with using windows apart from Windows Administration.

One reason that has led to most people switching to Windows is the ease of use; whether you are migrating to a different version of windows or using your first one, you will have an easy time making the switch because they all have something in common that makes them easy to use. Available software is another reason to use windows; the company that invented windows has dominated the world PC market which ensures you will have all the software you need in at least one version of windows.

Desktops have been the dominant devices for several years but touch screens devices have started hitting the market too, but regardless of the device you own, there is no need to worry because you will find a version that works perfectly with your device. If you need something more up to date because you are using an older version, you don’t have to worry about losing important programs like System Security because of the backward compatibility feature of Windows.

Windows still have an upper hand over their competitors in the plug and play area; provided you have installed the right drivers, Windows will automatically recognize them, saving you the trouble of having to install each and every one of them automatically. Windows are important because they support new hardware; if you want to install a new piece of hardware or want to upgrade an existing one, chances are the new one you buy will be compatible with the latest Windows version in the market.

Switching to Windows is not only beneficial in terms of the software and programs but games too; if you want the latest PC gaming technology, then you need to take advantage of the dozens available on Windows. There are so many browsers available in the market today unfortunately some cannot be used to access particular websites that are only available for Windows, making a must have if you want to access those particular websites. These are some of the benefits of using Windows.