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Black sapote fruit avocado fruit

black sapote fruit avocado fruit

White Sapote is a gentle, sweet and creamy, white fleshed fruit that supposedly makes you sleepy. It's. It is Called Black Sapote or Chocolate Pudding Fruit, Chocolate Sapote. Today we going to show how to. How to grow Black Sapote (Diospyros nigra), otherwise known as the Chocolate Pudding Fruit or Chocolate. black sapote fruit not only looks remarkably like chocolate pudding, twist it into halves (like an avocado), and take out great chunks with a. The Black Sapote or Chocolate Pudding Fruit is not surprisingly this is one of our most popular fruits and if you like Chocolate you'll love Black Sapote! BLACK SAPOTE Diospyros digyna. “NATURES NATURAL CHOCOLATE”. Other names: Chocolate Pudding Fruit, BlackPersimmon. Intro: Not a fresh fruit to be. black sapote fruit avocado fruit


Black Sapote - grow, care and eat (Chocolate Pudding Fruit)


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