Is avocado a fruit or a vegetable

Why is tomato a fruit fun fruit facts

why is tomato a fruit fun fruit facts

Tomato is a fruit! Tomatoes are a fruit not a vegetable. Tomatoes are the most popular fruits in the world. Banana-a cure for heartburn. Bananas have a natural. So what's the real difference between fruits and vegetables? may have been the fact that Oklahoma already had a state fruit: the strawberry. Learn more fun facts about Fruits with our Science Kids Website about Fruits. Fruits Image. Tomatoes, peppers or green beans all have seeds and are all fruit. why is tomato a fruit fun fruit facts By this definition, tomatoes are most certainly fruits. apparently knowing his botany, refused to pay, arguing that tomatoes, are in fact, fruits. This, of course, makes your tomato a fruit. It also makes cucumbers, squash, green beans and pumpkins all fruits as well. Along with the fruit from a plant or tree. To make fruit and vegetables a bit more fun, here are 15 weird facts and tips Tomatoes are actually fruits and are made of percent water.


6 Fruit Facts That Will Make You Say "What?"


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